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Welcome to the new Book Venue website! I hope you like the new format. It’s been 10 years since I started the Book Venue, so I think it is about time for a new design.


If you love to read, please take a look around my site. I post reviews and collect comments from fellow readers. I rely on input from visitors like you to help me choose books to read and review. You can comment on any of the articles in this site, and read what others have to say.

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Here is one of my favorite threads rescued from the original Book Venue site, leave your comment to add to it:

You know you’re a bookaholic when…

…you select your handbags based on whether they are big enough to fit a book . ~ Sue

… all the local librarians know you by name. ~ Sue

…you take your book everywhere you go. ~ Judy

…you LOVE the smell of musty pages! ~ Em

… you get stung by a bee while lying beside the pool, run screaming toward the house, but stop to grab your book…which is lying on your lounge. (True story) ; ) ~ Kathy

…you can’t leave a bookstore without buying something, even when you have a “to-be-read” pile a mile high. ~ Pam

…you discover you just bought a book you already have. ~ Henry the Cat

…you have spent your paycheck and then realize you forgot to buy groceries! ~ Leslie

…you talk to people using quotes from your favorite books. ~ Leslie

… it even rubs off on your kids: “What should we do today kids?” “Is the library open?” “No, not today.” “How about the used book store, then?” “No, not today.” “Well, how about the mall book store?” “The mall on a Sunday? It’ll be swamped.” “Let’s just stay home, then I can finish my book.” ~ Jenna

… in planning your house remodel, it’s a tough call on whether to make the last room a nursery or a library. ~ Charlie

… while re-reading an old favorite, you find traces of all the meals you spent reading on the page. Bonus bookaholic points if you can identify the stains: “Oh, yeah –that was the hot sauce from Taco Bell” ~ Organizedhome

… most of your friends won’t lend you books anymore because they never get them back. ~ Bridget

… most of your books are crumpled and musty because you read them in the bath despite the steam (another reason not to lend me books) ~ Bridget

… or you don’t want to lend your books to anyone because you might not get them back! You like to treasure your books in case you decide to re-read them again later. ~ Chris

…you go out for insoles and come back with 6 books and no insoles. ~ Sam

… you scribble out six book recommendations on a scrap of paper for the checkout assistant who remarks on one of your purchases…. ~ Sam

… you bring your book to a noisy concert and even a car race. ~ Rayandra

…when you wake up with a book hangover after only getting one hour of sleep; because you had to finish the end of a book. ~ husband of a bookaholic

… also u know your a bookaholic when u respond to forums about being a bookaholic :) ~ bookaholic wife

… you have a small book-shelf in your bathroom !! ~ Nathan

… you miss your stop on the tube or bus (again) because you were so absorbed and feel secretly please when you have to get off and wait for another one in the other direction, meaning that you can have 15 more minutes reading. ~ Kate

…as a child, you drove your mom crazy by bringing a book or two everywhere with you, even the grocery store, at one point a dictionary went along too. And your goals of your summers were to read over 100 books. ~ ElizabethBennet

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